Networking (LAN, WAN & Wifi)

Our portfolio includes elements which are necessary to build an efficient and reliable wired and wireless networks. We offer a full range of active devices and applications designed to optimize traffic management. The offer is complemented by a wide range of solutions and services dedicated to network monitoring and protecting.

LAN is a solution that works perfectly when one needs to connect devices in a specific, confined area. It is a perfect solution for hotels, offices, public administration, factories or hospitals that require fast, reliable and secure network connections to ensure the high quality of ICT services.

WAN covers relatively large geographic areas with intercity or even intercontinental transmission possibilities.

In the era of continuous ICT development, it is necessary to combine LAN into WAN, characterized by greater complexity. WAN provides data, voice and video exchange over large areas. This is an advantage for companies with offices located on a large geographical space, as well as companies using outsourced services. Network capabilities are adequately protected against unauthorized access.

WAN solutions have various topologies. To choose the best architecture, it is important to consider the number of points that will communicate with each other, the number of transmission devices, the possibility of expansion and the industry type of a company.

WiFi is the extension  of WAN  wireless from one point to another with appropriate network device,we make sure your surrounding and facility are fully covered with internet coverage.